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Orema Power Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer and developer of environmentally friendly Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries. The company is located in Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province, sitting in the world-class, modern industrial park of 174,000 square meters, with 500 employees which include an experienced management team supported by a team of highly committed technicians. Orema Power produces an annual capacity of approximately 3,800,000 kVAh. To stand out on performance and reliability, Orema conforms to the high international standards: ISO9001, JIS, DIN, BS, VDS & IEC, and has gained approval by UL, CE, and RoHS.
Orema is a leading battery producer in the Chinese market as a deep cycle battery supplier for electric bicycles, distributed primarily under the Rima brand. With over ten years of experience and extensive technical expertise in the lead-acid battery industry, Orema’s dedication to research and development is evident in increasingly widespread recognition of Orema goods offering consistent quality in high capacity, high energy density, deep discharge, more cycles with sustained discharge time, and more operational stability.
Outside of China, Orema products are distributed across a vast worldwide network, and are used in various applications including Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems, telecommunication backup power systems, renewable energy systems, motive batteries for light electric vehicles, and other products. Orema products are also widely used for sustainable energy for solar and wind applications. The combined effort of a knowledgeable engineering team and a prompt sales team adds value of a creative, flexible solution structured using high quality product to suit your application needs.